6 Popular Types of Poker

Poker has many variations that are played throughout the world. There is a standard order of play, apart from which the variations are played out in the number of rounds, the hand values used, actions in between the rounds or even the cards that are dealt. Some of the popular types of poker are:

Texas Hold ’em Poker– This is one of the most accessible and popular poker games that is easy to learn. The players are dealt with two ‘hole cards’ which are face-down cards and then wait for five community face-up cards to be revealed. The player that has the best five cards in hand, including the hole cards and the community cards, wins the game.


Omaha– This is another type of poker and can host two to ten players at a time. This is slightly different from Hold ‘em as in this game, the players are given four hole cards and five community cards are instantly revealed. The player who has the best hand, using two hole cards and three community cards, wins the game.

Seven-card Stud– Seven-card stud is one of the most popular poker games in America. In this game, each of the players are dealt seven cards, out of which, three are face-down and four are face-up. The aim of the winner is to have the best five-card hand from there seven cards as no community cards are dealt.

Five-card Draw –The Five-card draw is one of the simplest poker games and unlike other poker games, is not as competitive and is usually played for fun. In this game, each player is dealt five cards, and he/she may choose to replace it from the deck. Up to three cards can be put at the bottom of the deck, and the same number of cards can be picked from the top. Ultimately, the aim is for the winner to have the best five-card hand.

Five-card Draw 

Countdown – Countdown is a five-card game and can be played with a maximum of four players. Each player is dealt with five cards face-down. There are three rounds. In the first round, the players can replace zero to three cards, in the second, zero to two cards and in the third, zero or one card. At the end of the three rounds, the remaining players show their hands and the highest five-card hand wins the game.

High/Low Chicago – This poker game can be played for either the highest hand or the lowest hand. In High Chicago, the player who has the highest spade wins half of the pot. In Low Chicago, the player who has the lowest spade wins half of the pot. The remaining half of the pot is won by the player who has the best hand. Moreover, if any player has the winning spade (high or low) and the best hand as well, he/she wins the entire pot.

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